Women's Leggings & Underwear

"I never would have thought merino could be such soft lingerie.  I'm a covert now, summer or winter." - Jan FitzGerald ★★★★★

From Merino With Love & Nature's Secret women's range of merino base layers, long johns, leggings, pants and underwear are designed and made in New Zealand. 

Our women's range is designed to provide luxury and comfort with natural warmth that only 100% fine merino wool can offer.

Like the rest of our Smart Merino product families Brass Monkeys, From Merino With Love & Nature's Secret are made of 100% merino wool. Our products are all about having no smell, no itch and being lightweight means that you can wear them no matter the situation.
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Brass Monkeys Merino Long Johns

Merino Long Johns / Leggings

£60.00 GBP
Brass Monkeys merino long johns / leggings are proudly made in New Zealand from quality 100% merino wool. Designed to provide a snug comfortable fit including a gusset ensuring your...